Home Accessibility at MobilityWorks

The little things in life can make a big difference. It’s why MobilityWorks has been helping people connect with who and what matters most since 1997.

We know that ease of access outside and inside your home is important to you. That is why MobilityWorks@home® has partnered with leaders in the home accessibility market to provide the highest quality solutions enabling you to continue safely enjoying your home. Our selection of products includes stair lifts, platform lifts, patient lifts, ramps and home elevators.

Our Mission

We are continuously looking for ways to make Accessibility for All a reality. Our goal to provide the right accessible solutions for you and your family is now expanded to your home. For your convenience we offer home accessibility as a part of our lineup of products.


Our Team

An important part of providing the right solution is getting to know you and understanding your unique needs. Our team of home accessibility consultants are a part of your local community and have a passion for helping customers continue safely enjoying the home they love.

Stan Bailey

Home Accessibility Solution Specialist

McArthur Henley III

Home Accessibility Consultant

Tim Moore

Certified Home Accessibility Consultant

Michael Pacelli

Home Accessibility Consultant


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