Prism Medical FST-300 Free Standing Track System

Woman being lifted in a Prism Medical FST 300

Perfect for residential or institutional use, the strong and portable Prism Medical FST-300 is the most affordable Free Standing Track system available. Weighing just 45 lbs. with no component weighing more than 17 lbs., the FST-300's lightweight frame allows for easy assembly. In fact, a single person can assemble the FST-300 in less than six minutes without the use of tools. Encompassing a height adjustment feature to accommodate for up to 71/2 feet, the FST-300 fits a wide-range of transfer needs.

The customized roller bag makes it easy to store and convenient for caregivers to transport. The FST-300 from MobilityWorks is perfect for permanent or temporary solutions in residential or home care environments or even as a short-term rental. Best of all, the FST-300 requires little to no maintenance.
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FST-300 FST System Highlights

  • Fast & easy assembly
  • Lightest and most portable non-installed track system available
  • Safe working load of 300 lbs. (136 kgs.)
  • Dual height-adjusting clamps and collar-locks
  • Low cost to rent, buy, and maintain
  • Fits easily into its ergonomic carry bag
  • Wheeled carry bag makes transportation easy
  • Functional lifting range to 71/2 feet in height
  • Low profile foot pads and posts
  • 96 inch span provides space for beds up to a 60 inch width and a horizontal transfer space for beds up to 48 inches of width

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