Outdoor Vertical Platform Lift

How to Keep Your Vertical Platform Lift Operating Smoothly

Vertical platform wheelchair lifts give wheelchair users and those with limited mobility an effortless way to move between the floors of their home or even access a raised porch outdoors. These lifts are durable, reliable and easy to use, making them an excellent home accessibility option. In addition to having your vertical platform lift inspected twice a year,  there are a few ways you can make sure your lift stays in great working condition.

Common Causes for Vertical Platform Lift Failure

The lift will not operate if the batteries have failed or do not have the minimum voltage necessary to power the lift. Lifts powered by AC can fail if they are plugged into an outlet that fails or trips the circuit.

Operator error can also keep the lift from running, as the lift includes safeties and all doors have to be fully shut before the lift can be used. If the door is not fully closed, this means the safeties are not engaged and therefore the lift will not work.

Ensure Optimal Operation

You can do your part to keep your lift in working order by making sure the door, as well as the area under the lift, is clear of items and debris. Additionally, be mindful of your lift’s battery life. The lights you see on the charger itself indicate the quality of the battery and whether the charger is working properly. Occurrences like a heavy storm, for example, can impact the battery charger and even the outlet the lift is plugged into.

Protect Your Outdoor Vertical Platform Lift

Controls and switches on the vertical platform lifts offered through MobilityWorks@home are weather-protected, which means no additional maintenance to take on!

When to Call a MobilityWorks@home Technician

It is recommended that vertical platform lift owners have their lift inspected by one of our factory certified MobilityWorks@home technicians twice a year. If there is an issue with your lift’s operation or you suspect there may be a problem, do not hesitate to reach out before your next scheduled maintenance inspection.

All of our lifts are built to the highest quality standards and come with a comprehensive manufacturer warranty. You can rest assured knowing that MobilityWorks@home is committed to keeping your lift fully functional and answering any questions you might have along the way.

Contact us today to learn how MobilityWorks@home can help you stay in the home you love.