How to Operate Your Vertical Platform Lift in Inclement Weather

Vertical platform lifts, sometimes referred to as “porch lifts,” make it easier for those with limited mobility to comfortably access different levels of their home or outdoor platforms such as a deck. Their durability and easy-to-use operation make these lifts a reliable home accessibility solution. Those who live in cold or rainy climates, however, may be concerned about the effect of inclement weather on their lift. Read on to see how our vertical platform lifts are built to withstand tough weather conditions and find out what other steps you can take to keep your lift in good working condition.

Durable in Any Climate

An outdoor vertical platform lift from Bruno
Bruno Vertical Platform Lift

MobilityWorks@home is proud to feature vertical platform lifts from Bruno.  Bruno designs their lifts to operate smoothly even through harsh weather conditions, with features like non-skid platforms and weather-resistant locks. Whether your area is prone to rain or heavy snowfall, you can rest assured that your equipment is designed to power through and help you reach your destination.

Operating Your Lift During Harsh Weather

While the mechanics of your vertical platform lift are tough enough to endure inclement weather, it is important to also be mindful of the environment surrounding your lift. Here are some extra precautions you can take while operating your lift in rain or snow:

  • Clear any snow or ice from underneath or around the lift
  • Remove snow and ice from the platform and ramp
  • Ensure you have a clear path leading to your lift
  • Leave the lift platform a few inches above the ground to avoid any freezing
  • Have your lift inspected by one of our certified MobilityWorks@home technicians twice a year

Come rain or shine, we’re committed to keeping your vertical platform lift fully functional even after installation. Contact our team for any repair needs or questions you might have about how to get the most out of your lift.