Wheelchair ramp outside front door of home

The MobilityWorks@home Product Guide

There are many common features in your home that can present challenges for individuals with limited mobility. Safely and reliably maintaining access to all areas of the home you love is key to your independence. It can also help caregivers and loved ones to easily provide you with care. When it comes to choosing mobility solutions for your unique needs, MobilityWorks@home® offers plenty of options.

Many factors go into deciding which specific products are right for you and your family. Whether getting in your front door, up the stairs to your bedroom or enjoying your backyard patio, there are solutions just right for you.

Below is an overview of the different types of home accessibility solutions and services we offer. The first step is meeting with one of our home accessibility specialists to help them get an idea of your unique needs and develop a solution just right for you. Please call or visit us online to schedule an in-home assessment to determine what you need.


Stairlifts can easily and safely transport you to other floors in your home by means of a motorized seat attached to a track that follows along your staircase. They are designed in a way to minimize the space they occupy on the staircase to allow others to use the stairs. These lifts typically require no structural modification of your staircase or walls and can be easily removed when no longer needed. With a complete line of stairlifts, both straight and curved, our Certified Home Access Consultants can quickly evaluate your specific needs and usually install a solution within days from the initial visit. Although the cost of stairlifts can vary depending on their features, they provide an affordable way to access your home.

Curved stairlift

MobilityWorks offers stairlifts from Bruno, including the Bruno Elan, Bruno Elite Straight Rail, Bruno Elite Outdoor, and Bruno Elite Curve Rail stairlifts.

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Vertical Platform Lifts

With countless applications – from a front door to the sidewalk or from a ground floor to a second-floor deck, vertical platform lifts offer safe mobility to different levels of your home. These rugged and reliable residential lifts provide efficient access to a raised deck, porch, or even floor to floor access inside your home. The weather-protected design ensures top-notch performance year-round.

Woman in outdoor wheelchair lift

Residential vertical platform lifts are an affordable way to navigate different levels of your home while in a wheelchair. MobilityWorks@home® features vertical platform lifts from Bruno.

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Wheelchair & Scooter Ramps

Ramps are easy and affordable solutions that allow you to stay in your own home. There are several options to accommodate accessibility, whether it be into your home or across uneven surfaces inside it.

Wheelchair ramp outside front door of home

These ramps come in multiple colors, materials, and height and weight accommodations to best fit your needs.

Modular Ramps are composed of either aluminum or painted steel. They come preassembled, allowing for quick and easy installation. They have a built-in anti-slip surface and do not rust, warp, require maintenance, or get hot to the touch. Handrails provide maximum safety through an improved ability to grip to something during use. If you no longer need the ramp, it can easily be uninstalled.

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Ceiling Lifts & Patient Lifts

MobilityWorks@home® offers a variety of ceiling and patient lift solutions. All patient lifts provide crucial options for safely transporting people in and out of their beds and across a room. They are also designed to improve the safety of loved ones and caregivers who operate the lifts. Our home accessibility experts will come to your home to assess and review solutions that will best fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Woman in ceiling lift with another woman helping

Prism Medical P-440 Portable Patient Lift: The P-440 patient lift has been designed with a full set of standard features that can be safely operated by a single caregiver. Designed to be lightweight and portable, the P-440 is easy to hold and is capable of lifting up to 440 lbs.

Prism Medical C-450 Fixed Patient Lift: With its 450 lbs. weight capacity, this lift will meet the needs of even the most demanding clinical environments. Encompassing waterproof pneumatic controls that are complimented by on-board controls, a digital display (LCD), auto shut-off, and numerous safety features including emergency power lowering, the C-450’s innovative features explain why the C-450 is among the most advanced ceiling lifts available. The C-450 is available with manual or power traversing.

Prism Medical Pressure Fit FST Lift System: The Pressure Fit System is the newest in temporary ceiling lift solutions (and perfect for rental solutions).  They have the same benefits of a standard ceiling lift, but without the requirement for structure attachment. Its accommodating weight capacity of 440 lb. can handle many unique transfer needs while providing the utmost in safety for both, the patient/resident and the caregiver.

Prism Medical F-600 Floor Lift: The F-600 is available from MobilityWorks, and has the ability to lift an individual up from one location such as bed, then move the individual to another location and finally lower the individual into a chair or bath. The functions of lifting up or down, or opening and closing the legs on the lift, are accomplished by pressing buttons on the hand control. The hand control is attached to the floor lift. Due to the design of the floor lift system, it takes very little effort to press a button to perform the desired motion.

Prism Medical FST-300 System: Perfect for residential or institutional use, the strong and portable Prism Medical FST-300 from MobilityWorks is the most affordable Free Standing Track system available. Weighing just 45 lbs. with no component weighing more than 17 lbs., the FST-300’s lightweight frame allows for easy assembly.

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Which Product is Right for You?

Our goal is to provide you and your family with the right solution. Our Certified Home Access Consultants will come to your home, learn about your needs and unique requirements and recommend a solution to best fit your needs and lifestyle.

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To ensure your safety and the proper operation of your home accessibility solution, it is  important to work with a trained professional to install any equipment or modifications to your home.

Through our association with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), our Certified Home Access Consultants complete an intense training curriculum that teaches them how to evaluate a home and make the proper recommendations for it. Our installation technicians are all factory-trained and certified.

You can rest assured knowing our team has the experience to prevent potential mistakes that could put you and your loved ones at risk due to the wrong solution or poor installation, creating hazardous situations.



If you encounter any problems with your stairlift, ramp, or other equipment, we are here to help. We carry an ample supply of brand-name parts for common repairs. Our dedicated parts department can also have any necessary components ordered and delivered prior to your scheduled visit. For more information regarding our service plans, please call 877-275-4903.

Buyer's Guides

Download our free Stairlifts Buyer's Guide and Wheelchair Ramp Buyer's Guide to learn more about which mobility products are right for your home, view model comparisons, financing options, and more!