Ask the Expert: What to Know When Buying a Stairlift

Purchasing a stairlift for your home is no small feat. Between varying styles and measurements, the details can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily, our Home Access team is trained and ready to offer a customized solution right for your needs.

Home Access Manager Patrise Cauls has worked in the accessibility industry for over 8 years and offers her expertise below to those who are considering installing a stairlift in their home.

Patrise’s Story: “I began my accessibility career as a technician, I have installed and repaired vehicle lifts, wheelchairs, and home access equipment. As a technician I fell in love with assisting people in regaining their independence within their homes. When my client cried because she was finally able to see the upstairs in the home she purchased over 3 years ago, I knew this was the field for me. I was given the opportunity to lead a wonderful team four years ago and we have made incredible strides to improve the quality of life for many people. We collectively put our knowledge and experience together to develop the best solution for the needs of our clients and love the difference we are making.”

What is a stairlift?

“A battery powered chair that is mounted to a rail on the steps, which is used to safely transport a person up and down the stairs.”

What are the different types of stairlifts?

“There are two types of stairlifts, a curved and a straight lift. A curved stairlift would be used in a multi-level home with a middle landing between the set of stairs. A straight lift would be used in a home with a single staircase that does not have a middle landing.”

How can a stairlift help me?

“A stairlift will provide a safe way to travel the stairs without assistance, giving you the freedom to continue safely enjoying the home you love.”

What do I need to know before buying a stairlift?

“You are not alone. There are more than 100,000 stairlifts sold in the United States every year. A stairlift will greatly improve your ability to safely navigate the different levels of your home. Besides that, nothing, we are the experts! We will find a solution customized to your home that suits your unique needs.”

What should I expect when purchasing my stairlift?

“You should expect a home visit from one of our certified Home Access consultants. They will complete a home evaluation with you to determine the best product for your needs. They will finalize the purchase while in the home and answer any questions you may have about the product.”

How does the stairlift installation process work?

“You will receive a call from me to set up the best date and time for the installation. The day of the installation the technician will call you with an estimated time of arrival. He will arrive with a mask, booties, and gloves. The installation takes approximately 4 hours to complete and once the technician is finished with the installation, he will clean up the workspace. He will go over how to use the stairlift, have you give it a test ride, and answer any questions you may have.”

Is ongoing stairlift maintenance required?

“A yearly maintenance is recommended for the stairlift. This will ensure the lift is working properly and maintain the warranty offered by the manufacture.”

While there are many details to consider when buying a stairlift, you don’t have to figure out the specifics all on your own. Call us today at 877-275-4903 to speak with one of our Home Access Consultants to find the perfect stairlift for you and your home.

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