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Stairlift Cost Guide: How Much Do Stairlifts Cost?

An investment in a home stairlift is an investment in your safety and comfort. Stairlifts enable you to continue to safely enjoy and make full use of the home that you love while lowering the potential for dangerous falls. But you may also be wondering, how much do stairlifts cost and how will you pay for one? This stairlift cost guide breaks down the different elements that go into stairlift pricing and provides easy financing solutions to make the process as smooth as possible.

How Much Will My Stairlift Cost?

To answer that question, you should first be aware of the two main types of stairlifts: straight and curved. A straight stairlift is best for homes with a single, uninterrupted staircase, while a curved stairlift is ideal for multi-level homes with a middle landing between sets of stairs.

A number of factors can affect the overall cost of your new stairlift. These factors may include:

  • Stairlift Length
  • Chair/Weight Capacity
  • Design (Straight vs. Curved)
  • Number of Floors
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Use
  • Special Features: Folding Rail, Power Swivel, Custom Colors, Powered Footrest

No matter the age of your home, your stairlift can adapt to any existing staircase without requiring additional construction or renovation costs.

How Will I Pay For My Stairlift?

Stairlifts are traditionally an out-of-pocket expense, but MobilityWorks offers financing options with manageable monthly payments and no penalty for early pay-off. Through a user-friendly electronic application process, you could be approved for a loan in just minutes! We make it easier than ever to continue enjoying your home without breaking the bank.

If you are a veteran, you may be able to use your benefits to cover the cost of the stairlift. Eligibility is determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) but our Home Access Consultations can assist you along the way. You can find more information about Veterans Assistance by clicking here.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to our Home Access Consultants by filling out an online form or giving us a call at 877-275-4903.

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Stairlift Buyer's Guide

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