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Stairlift Maintenance: How to Prolong the Life of Your Stairlift

Stairlifts provide a safe path of travel up and down the stairways in your residence, giving you the independence and freedom to continue enjoying every level of your house. Over time, however, consistent usage can contribute to wear and tear.

How Do I Keep My Stairlift Running Smoothly?

Routine maintenance by a technician will help catch potential future issues with your stairlift and ensure the lift is functioning correctly, but in between inspections, there are proactive things you can do to keep your stairlift in good condition.

Try to keep the lift dust-free by wiping it down with a dry rag or cloth every so often. You should never use a wet rag, as the moisture could damage the stairlift’s components. Additionally, make the most of your lift’s battery life by keeping the charger plugged in and your batteries properly charged.

What Might Cause My Stairlift to Stop Working?

Usage is the main contributor to a stairlift’s wear and tear over time but there are other factors at play as well. The average stairlift can support 300 pounds. As time goes on, if the stairlift user puts on weight exceeding that limit, the extra strain can cause the stairlift gears to grind down more quickly, or even break. The additional weight can even cause the motor to have to work harder and potentially fail.

Even the way you sit on your stairlift can affect how the unit functions. Dropping into the seat forcefully or not sitting down in a controlled fashion can impact stairlift operation.

When Should I Call a Technician?

If at any point your stairlift starts to beep and does not stop, or you hear any abnormal scraping sounds while using your stairlift, it is time to call a service technician. You should also call a technician if you feel the stairlift seems to be slowing down while in use, as this could be a possible battery issue.

Preventative maintenance is necessary so that trained technicians can inspect the condition of your stairlift’s gears, rails, and other operating parts. It also gives them a chance to diagnose issues and predict future issues caused by normal wear and tear, or issues caused by improper usage.

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