Man in a residential ceiling lift

Ceiling Lifts: A Safe Solution for Both Patients and Caregivers

Patient lifts and ceiling lifts can make life easier for patients and caregivers by providing extra support when transferring an individual to or from an indoor location, such as a bed or the bathroom. Although they may look complex, these lift systems are easy to learn and operate, making them an ideal solution for both home and commercial use.

Types of Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling lifts generally fall into two categories:

  1. Fixed Ceiling Lifts – These are installed on a track mounted on the ceiling and are intended to be used in one location only. Fixed lifts can be installed in multiple locations within the home. Check out the C-450, designed for quiet operation and effortless transfer.
  2. Portable Ceiling Lifts – These are attached to a movable mount that supports the track. They are freestanding, and do not require any modifications to your home. The castor free standing track is recommended for use in the home while the FST-300 is recommended for use while traveling.

It is important to think about how your ceiling lift will be used. If you only need the lift as a temporary solution or want the freedom to use it in multiple rooms, then a portable ceiling may fit your needs. Meanwhile, a fixed lift might make more sense for a patient or loved one who only needs the support when moving from the same location, such as getting in and out of bed each day.

Ceiling Lift Installation

For fixed ceiling lifts, joists in your ceiling will be examined to determine whether the joist will support the weight of the lift. If necessary, the ceiling will be opened up to add additional blocking to the existing joist. Once the drywall is repaired, the lift’s track is mounted to the ceiling. The lift itself is then attached to the track and the lift is tested by our technicians. Once the installation process is complete, the technician will explain how to properly operate your new lift.

Free-standing mounts for portable lifts, on the other hand, are assembled in whichever room you choose. The track is attached to this mount and the lift is then attached to the track. The lift is tested by one of our technicians, who will then explain how to use it.

Safe Patient Transfers

Patient lifts and ceiling lifts are a great solution for caregivers, as they can reduce the likelihood of transfer-related injuries to both the patient and caregiver. Whether you are a health professional or oversee the care of a loved one, a ceiling lift can offer you a sense of confidence and comfort. Rest assured, knowing that our lifts are built to the highest quality standards and come with a comprehensive manufacturer warranty.

Independent lifters or walking slings, along with a ceiling lift, can offer homeowners the added stability they need to continue living independently. By taking charge of their own transfer, they can safely reach the shower, use the bathroom, or move to another room without the help of a caregiver.

Give us a call or request a quote today to speak with one of our Home Accessibility Consultants and find the right lift for your unique needs.