Wheelchair ramp outside front door of home

What Type of Modular Wheelchair Ramp is Right for You?

Wheelchair ramps available through MobilityWorks@home are designed for the needs of you and your home, offering a durable and affordable way to get around. Our high-quality ramps are customized for your unique space and mobility requirements.

With all these different options in mind, how can you be sure you are selecting the right ramp for your unique needs? Below is a guide to the basics so you can get the process started.

Modular Ramps are self-supporting and assembled at the home by our factory-trained MobilityWorks@home technicians. Because they are self-supporting, they do not require a permit and can be assembled wherever you need them. They can even be removed and reassembled at another home with a similar rise measurement.

These ramps are recommended for a rise of 10” or more. They include handrails, a mesh or solid bottom, and will support 750 pounds. Modular ramps are composed of black painted steel, or aluminum that can be custom-painted to match your home.

Selecting a Wheelchair Ramp

Our MobilityWorks@home technicians are a valuable resource when trying to find the ideal wheelchair ramp that will fit your needs while taking into account the layout of your home. Everything from weight capacity and height measurements to cost and customization should be considered during the selection process, and our experts are ready to help inform your decision.

These customization options include:

  • Type of Metal
  • Height and Length
  • Adjustable Supports

Your wheelchair ramp will always be installed by factory certified MobilityWorks@home technicians and include a limited lifetime warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor, so you can rest assured that your ramp will be installed the right way.

If you find yourself wondering if a wheelchair ramp is the best choice for your home accessibility needs, give us a call at (877) 275-4903 to speak with one of our MobilityWorks@home technicians!

Wheelchair Ramp Buyer's Guide

Download our free Wheelchair Ramp Buyer's Guide to find out what type of handicapped ramp is right for your home, view model comparisons, financing options, and more!